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Power Traces Tables

Tables Description

January 2015: The PostgreSQL server is no longer available. The only remaining method to retrieve the traces is to download them. The instructions are given at the bottom of this page.

The power consumption traces available for the DPA contest v2, are stored in a public PostgreSQL database. These traces are regrouped by acquisition campaign, where each campaign is stored in a distinct table. The tables entries contain the following fields:

Three acquisition campaigns were performed for the DPA contest v2: the template campaign, the public campaign and the private campaign.

Trace binary format

The trace field (SQL type bytea) contains the result of the acquisition. This fields contains exactly 3,253 values, each value is signed and coded on 16 bits (2 bytes). The byte order is little-endian (so it can be easily manipulated on a x86 computer). So this field is 6,506-byte long.

So in a C program, running on a little-endian machine (all x86(_64) computers are little-endian), this field can be directly interpreted as the following array:

#define TRACE_NUM_POINTS 3253
int16_t samples[TRACE_NUM_POINTS];

Database download

A file containing all the traces from template and public tables is available for download on the Download page.