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The first implementation available in the fourth edition of the DPA contest is a masked AES-256 implemented in software on an Atmel ATMega-163 smart card. This implementation is called AES-256 RSM (Rotating Sbox Masking).

The formal description of this implementation is available in this paper (PDF).

If you use traces obtained from this implementation, we kindly ask you to refer to this article: RSM: A small and fast countermeasure for AES, secure against 1st and 2nd-order zero-offset SCAs. DATE 2012: 1173-1178.


This archive contains all the details of the implementation of the AES-256 RSM on the Atmel ATMega-163 smart card.

The important files in this archive are:


Some documents about the microcontroller ATmega163 that runs the AES-256 RSM implementation:


The implementation of this AES-256 RSM uses some portions of code from external projects and developers:



The reference acquisition campaign has been performed during June and July 2013 in the security laboratory the Digital Electronic Systems research group of the Télécom ParisTech french University. The AES-256 RSM was implemented on an ATMega-163 smart-card connected to a SASEBO-W board.

For the acquisitions, we used the following devices:

Tools & Designs

We will soon provide here all the information used to perform the acquisitions: the design loaded on the SASEBO-W board and the communication protocol between the PC and the smart-card.